Saturday, October 26, 2019

More Luddenden fungi!

Clouded Funnel-Clitocybe nebularis

Weeping Widow-Lacrymaria lacrymabunda
This fungus has a felty cap, and gills that 'weep' black droplets (seen in bottom image).
The black spores give a mottled appearance to the gills.

Wrinkled Club-Clavulina rugosa

Sulphur Knight-Tricholoma sulphureum, which can be identified by its strong smell of coal gas. 

Sulphur Knight-Tricholoma sulphureum
and Amethyst Deceiver-Laccaria amethystina

  Honey Fungus-Armillaria mellea

 Brown Rollrim-Paxillus involutus (young specimen)
This fungus is deadly poisonous, causing a breakdown of red blood cells,
which over time lead to liver and kidney failure.
It is still eaten in some parts of Europe!

 Shaggy Scalycap-Pholiota squarrosa

 Common Earthball-Scleroderma citrinum

 Black Bulgar, or Popes Buttons- Bulgaria inquinans

Butter Cap-Rhodocollybia butyracea

 Yellowleg Bonnet-Mycena epipterygia
Note the yellow colouring on the very sticky stipe

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