Thursday, January 17, 2013

Park Wood, Elland 17.1.2013

We went to the White Jelly-ear site today. Despite a freezing day and snow lying in places, there were some fascinating things to see. The snow helps by reflecting light and making things easier to see.

A gall about 15cm - 6 inches high on Elder (Sambucus)

Cramp Balls or King Alfred's Cakes Daldinia concentrica

A crust fungus - Elder Whitewash  Hyphodontia sambuci 
It looks exactly as if applied by brush, except it can be found 
underneath loose bark.

Another crust - black as tar  - on oak
Possibly Common Tarcrust Diatrype stigma

A big mass of old, frozen Bay Polypore - Polyporus durus
found by Alison Galbraith on a fallen log of an unidentifiable deciduous tree.

Only identified after it thawed out at home. Short stems black at the base.

The pores much channeled by fly larvae. 
19cm wide (7.5inches) - the largest of these three caps.

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  1. Nice photos Steve,glad you managed to put a name to most of them.It was a great day out and so useful to have you along with your greater knowledge of fungi and all things wild.