Saturday, February 2, 2013

First post

|I took these pics in July last year on the moors above scammonden.the top ones were quite large about 6-8inc..??


  1. Good pictures Andy. No doubt Alison or Charlie will provide feedback.

  2. Yes, good pictures.
    The top one looks like a Panaeolus (Mottlegill) species, though I've never seen any as big as 6 - 8 inches. Was that high or width of cap? They often grow on dung in pasture.

    The lower one looks immature, but given the habitat and time of year, might have been a Macrolepiota sp. (Shaggy Parasol or a Parasol,) if it had developed.

  3. Hi Bruce, thanks for your faith in my fungi ID-ing skills but they are practically non existent so far as mushrooms and toadstools are concerned. I am sure they will improve but it's a slow business!
    I think what we could all benefit from is a communial microscope to examine the spores, basidia etc. ourselves and then if we are still stuck we could at least photograph them and send the pics off to the people in the know. Does anyone know where we could find a suitable scope, maybe secondhand?