Thursday, October 25, 2012

Unusual Oyster Mushroom

This is on a dead tree at the end of  New Lane, Skircoat Grreen, near the Standard of Freedom Pub.
it is dark brown on top, instead of the usual pale beige of Pleurotus pulmonarius (wild and in the shops) and P.ostreatus in the wild which is bluey-grey on top.

This gets variety gets a mention in Arnolds (1990) which was in the late Colin Duke's library.

It is growing on a dead Cordyline stem - killed by frost a few years ago. (Cabbage Palm.)

Reminder fungus foray this Saturday at Stoodley Glen with Halifax Scientific Society. (See bottom of post below.)  All welcome. No charge.

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  1. The foray went ahead with five people in glorious bright sun and a nip in the air. Report soon.