Monday, September 30, 2013

Broadhead Clough 25-09-13

Myself and Johnny had a walk around the Clough and here are some of our records pictured below.

Stinking Dapperling (Lepiota cristata).

Orange Birch Bolete (Leccinum versipelle).

Hygrocybe vitellina - above and below.

Larch Bolete (Suillus grevillei).

Pestle Puffball (Handkea excipuliformis).

Blue Edge Pinkgill (Entoloma serrulatum).

Blackening Waxcap (Hygrocybe conica).

Meadow Waxcap (Hygrocybe pratensis). 

Oily Waxcap (Hygrocybe quieta).

Shaggy Inkcap (Coprinus comatus).

Parrot Waxcap (Hygrocybe psittacina). 

White Spindles (Clavaria fragilis). 

Magic Mushroom / Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata).

Tawny Grisette (Amanita fulva).

False Deathcap (Amanita citrina).

Rosy Brittlegill (Russula rosea) - above and below.

Powdery Brittlegill (Russula parazurea).

Dusky Bolete (Porphyrellus porphyrosporus) - above and below. 

Shaggy Scalycap (Pholiota squarrosa). 

Apricot Club (Clavulinopsis luteoalba).

Smoky Spindles (Clavaria fumosa).

Yellow Stainer (Agaricus xanthodermus).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nutclough Wood 24-09-13

Here are a few more brilliant photographs of fungi taken by Johnny.

Fleecy Fibrecap (Inocybe flocculosa).

Shaggy Scalycap (Pholiota squarrosa).

Orange Grisette (Amanita crocea). 

Pale Oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius).

False Deathcap (Amanita citrina).

Ogden Water 23-09-13

 Johnny and I spent the day at Ogden Water and we delighted to record another Pholiota flammans for Calderdale. 

Flaming Scalycap (Pholiota flammans).

Greater Toothed Cup (Tarzetta catinus) - above and below.

Tarzetta spores - 20 - 26.5 x 11-13.  

Jelly Rot (Phlebia tremellosa).

Spotted Toughshank (Collybia maculata).

Rufous Milkcap (lactarius rufus).

 Primrose Brittlegill (Russula sardonia).

Johnny's super photograph of a Liberty Cap/Magic Mushroom (Psilocybe semilanceata).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Woodhouse Woods 24-09-13

Michael's fantastic photographs of what he found on his walk today. 

Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondosa).

Powdery Brittlegill (Russula parazurea).

False Deathcap (Amanita citrina) and a Russula sp.

Common Earthball (Scleroderma citrinum).

Hardcastle Crags 21-09-13

Some lovely pictures of fungi that Johnny took on his walk through the Crags.

Plums and Custard (Tricholomopsis rutilans).

Pestle Puffball (Lycoperdon excipuliformis).

White Saddle (Helvella crispa).

Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius).

Monday, September 23, 2013

Giant Polypore ( Meripilus giganteus )

The size of the brackets can be compared with the dead beech leaf at the bottom of the picture.
Stoney Royd Cemetery, Siddal, Halifax.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blackshaw Head 20-09-13

A few pictures of some of the fungi Michael and found on our walk through the fields at Blackshaw Head.

Golden Waxcap (Hygrocybe chlorophana) -Michael's photo above and mine below.

Yellowfoot Waxcap (Hygrocybe flavipes).

We estimate that there must have been hundreds of specimens of Dung Roundhead (Stropharia semiglobata) scattered around the fields growing on lots of cow dung, but we didn't stop and count! My photo above and Michael's below.