Saturday, June 14, 2014

Scutellinia trechispora 14.06.2014

I have lots of Scutellinia trechispora growing on bare earth outside my house at the moment.  They are commonly known as Eyelash Fungi and there are quite a few different species of them. They certainly add a splash of colour and brighten up what would otherwise be a dull part of my garden. My identification was confirmed by Mal Greaves (MYFG).

^Average size was 6 mm in diameter.

Asci 8 spored. Spores spherical, ornamented and hyaline.

Hairs up to 1100 microns, multi-septate with forked and unforked rooting hair bases.

Orange cylindrical paraphyses with blunt ends containing orange matter.

Spores in cotton blue.

Dropped spores ornamented with mostly blunt spines. 14.3-15.4 microns.

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