Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Another from Broadhead Clough. (See Alison's previous post.)

17.10.14 Broadhead Clough
No-one seemed interested except me and Michael Sykes in this one which someone had accidentally put their cushion on at lunch-break.

It was obviously a Clavulina species, which mostly grow in woodland. We had picnicked under an oak tree in the fields.

Would normally take the book to the fungus, rather then the fungus to the book, but this bit had been broken off.  Clavulina cinerioides I think, but would welcome discussion. I have the specimen, which has dried well.


  1. It was me that sat on it and then found it after lunch.
    I was interested in it and we identified it as Beige Coral (Clavulinopsis unbrinella)
    A feature of it was that it always branched in twos and then was bifurcate at the tip.

  2. Didn't hear you identifying it. Can't find that name anywhere. Is it a synonym. If not, what are cinerioides differing features?

  3. At the time people were moving off in different directions.
    After a bit of research I now understand that Clavulinopsis cinerioides is the old name and Clavulinopsis umbrinella (Sorry my typo n for m above) is the current name for Beige Coral.

  4. Thanks Steve. It has also been Clavulina, I think. I must invest in new books, also wrestle a bit more with I-spot - make it work for me.