Monday, July 8, 2019

From Luddenden, Halifax, to Zante, Greece!

Nettle Rust (Puccinia urticata) Lower Saltonstall-May 2019

Jelly Ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) Upper Saltonstall-May 2019.
Growing on Elder, as most frequently is.
Hence one of its other names, Judas' ear, as the biblical Judas was reputedly hanged on an elder tree.

The above two images are of a fungus-like structure I found growing on a rock, under the sea,
whilst swimming in Zante, Greece (June 2019)
No idea what it is, so any suggestions welcome. There were lots of them.
The cap texture was just like a mushroom, and the stem was tough.


  1. Nice sharp pictures FungiFlood! Never seen or heard of anything that grows in the sea and looks like a mushroom, though Bog Beacon (Mitrula paludosa) lives on submerged dead leaves or twigs and sends its fruiting bodies up through the surface and into the air.

    1. I've seen bog beacon in Ireland (on a peat bog!). I'm presuming this was some sort of marine plant, but looked just like a mushroom!