Monday, October 7, 2019

Ogden Water Fungi Foray- 5th October 2019

The follow is a list of things that were identified on the foray.
There were many more fungi spotted, that couldn't be confidently identified. 
Unfortunately I am unable to post any photos of the foray, as I forgot my camera.
Those of you who took pictures on the day, feel free to upload.
 The list is in alphabetical order.
Please let me know if I missed anything.

Amanita excelsa var. spissa- Grey spotted Amanita 
Amanita fulva- Tawny Grisette
Amanita muscaria- Fly Agaric
Amanita rubescens- The Blusher
Amanita vaginata- Grisette 
Ascocoryne sarcoides- Purple Jellydisc
Bjerkandera adusta- Smoky Bracket
Boletus badius- Bay Bolete
Calocera pallidospathulata- Pale Staghorn
Chondrostereum purpureum- Silverleaf Fungus
Collybia butyracea- Butter Cap 
Collybia peronata- Wood Wooly-Foot
Coprinus micaceus- Glistening Inkcap
Crepidotus variabilis- Variable Oysterling 
Exidia thuretiana- White Brain
Gymnopilus penetrans- Common Rustgill
Heterobasidion annosum- Root Rot fungus
Hypholoma capnoides- Conifer Tuft
Hypoxylon fragiforme- Beech Woodwart
Kuehneromyces mutabilis- Sheathed Woodtuft
Laccaria laccata- The Deciever
Lactarius subdulcis- Mild Milkcap
Metatrichia floriformis- A Slime Mould
Mycena leptocephala- Nitrous Bonnet
Mycena arcangeliana- Angel's Bonnet
Mycena pura- Lilac Bonnet
Neobulgaria pura- Beech Jellydisc
Paxillus involutus- Brown Rollrim
Piptoporus betulinus- Birch Polypore
Pluteus cervinus- Deer Sheild
Stereum hirsutum- Hairy Curtain Crust
Stereum rugosum- Bleeding Broadleaf Crust
Trametes versicolor- Turkeytail
Tremella foliacea- Leafy Brain
Trichaptum abietinum- Purlpepore Bracket
Xylaria hypoxylon- Candlesnuff Fungus
Xylaria polymorpha- Dead Man's Fingers

Additional species recorded on the dam

Armillaria mellea - Honey Fungus
Clavulinopsis luteoalba - Apricot Club
Gliophorus psittacinus - Parrot Waxcap
Hygrocybe insipida - Spangle Waxcap
Hygrocybe ceracea - Butter Waxcap
Hygrocybe conica - Blackening Waxcap

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