Sunday, November 3, 2019

Rishworth Moor Fungus 29 10 2019

Looking over the moor

ID please above

ID Please

think  the top one is a Heath Waxcap?

ID above

Dusky Puffball

Thought a Roundhead species but not sure. ID please.


  1. Hello!
    Difficult to id from pictures but I would guess at third picture looks like a dewdrop mottlegill, the fifth looks like a galerina sp. and the last picture looks like a yellow fieldcap. No idea about the second picture! Hope this helps☺️

  2. Thanks a lot @FungiFlood that was really helpful. I'm relatively new to Fungi so having a few new species now known is really good.

  3. Hi Edward, You have chosen some of the more difficult ones to identify from single images. I agree with FungiFlood that the third/fourth looks to be a Paneolus, the fifth is definitely a Galerina, you are correct with Dusky Puffball. I think the last image may be a mycena.
    You should join us on a walk sometime and we can help you with your identifications

  4. Thank you. I could do with some help on my ID.