Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Red Data List Fungus in Calderdale

Violet Coral Clavaria zollingeri

We need to pinpoint where this appears by satellite navigation. Michael Sykes, our Fungus Recorder, found it a few years back. The only other person who saw it was the late Colin Duke, our other Fungus Recorder.

If Michael feels up to it, and dependant on weather, I propose to go looking on December 15th, instead of the Stoodley Glen foray. We've been up there once already this autumn. The more pairs of eyes the better.

We will be meeting at the same place, on the main Hebden Bridge - Todmorden Road, at Eastwood Cricket ground, 10.30 for 10.45. We will drive along a short way and walk from another parking spot.

The rare Clavaria grows near Blackshaw Head. Mike took the above photo on 30th October 2006, but there is a chance, if it came up this year, that it might be still visible.

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