Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blewit in the Ryburn Valley

Found recently, identified and photographed by Michael.

There are two common species, this one, Wood Blewit Lepista nuda, and Field Blewit Lepista saeva.

They continue the gastronomic fungus collector's  season into early winter, and are good to eat. I often see this one coming up on heaps of lawn mowings and from there I wouldn't eat them, in case they've absorbed any of those chemicals that lawn-fussy people spray all over.


  1. Could contributors please select large font size for their text as the ordinary size is virtually unreadable on my laptop.

  2. Morning after my previous post (above) I downloaded an Adobe update which offered itself to be downloaded and it has made the blog fill up the laptop screen and made even the smallest fonts easily readable.

    I had no idea it would have this effect! (I was born BC - before computers.)

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