Friday, January 11, 2013

Ogden 5th Jan 2013

There were hundreds of these on the old Christmas trees around the path.

Immature Orange Peel  Aleuria aurantia ???

not sure...

Now known to be Pithya vulgaris. Many  thanks to all involved with the identification.

Are these Velvet Shank Flammulina velutipes ?

Stags Horn, candlesnuff fungus   Xylaria hypoxlon 


  1. Nice pics Bruce, think the top one is a slime mould.How big were they?
    Orange Peel (Aleuria aurantia) grows on bare soil and turf.
    Yes, I think you're right with the middle one; it looks to have the black velvety stem or shank.

  2. Yes Bruce, great shots. I agree with Steve, the middle one is Velvet Shank. Where are the old Christmas trees at Ogden, I wouldn't mind taking a look myself. They look quite unusual.

  3. Bruce, I found the info on Calderdale Council web regarding the Xmas trees, I'll go and take a look soon and get back to you on the orange fungus.

  4. In case anybody is unaware, Countryside rangers and volunteers create barriers with old Christmas trees around Ogden water to stop dogs running along the water's edge, and swimming. Plenty of herbage grows up through the dead trees improving the habitat immensely for all sorts of wild things, including nesting ducks and grebes.

    A brilliant recycling idea from some bright spark !