Monday, April 22, 2013

Hardcastle Crags 18-04-013

I found a Mollisa  growing on Pine and Larch cones. I can't show you any shots of what I saw under the microscope of any of the fungi below, as the point and press camera I have been using has got a problem, and the images are awful. When I get an adapter for the Olympus, I'll upload them at a later date. Anyway, things are now starting to grow and it was great to see a Pinecone Cap, even though it was damaged.

All of the above is of Mollisia.

False Truffle (Elephomyces granulata). When I cut into the fungus at home the flesh was granular, hence the name granulata. The diameter was 2 cm.

Bracken Map (Rhopographus filicinus).

Small Stagshorn (Calocera cornea), above and below.

A damaged example of a Pinecone Cap (Stobilurus tenacellus). (Why didn't I move the twig)!

A Lachnum species on a Pine twig

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