Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monthly HSS walk and fungus foray Sat 15th Dec.

We intend to meet at the appointed place as on the Programme Card, (Membership Card), but vary the route.

Instead of going up Stoodley Glen again, it's proposed that we go up Jumble Hole Clough, nearby, on the opposite side of Calder Valley.

The reason for this is to see the spot at which the rare fungus Violet Coral Clavaria zollingeri has appeared. The only known site in Calderdale is at the top of Jumble Hole Clough, and the only person who knows the spot is Michael, so he is going to show some of us and maybe we can get a GPS fix on it. It probably won't be showing at this time of year, and may not appear every year.

This is a monthly walk and is open to all.

The plan is to meet Michael at the top as he's not up to the walk from the valley bottom at the moment, then go on to the New Delight at Jack Bridge at Colden for a pub lunch.

Meet as per the card 10.30 for 10.45 at Eastwood Cricket Ground on the main Hebden Bridge to Todmorden Road.

Meet Michael at the top (near Hippins House) at 12.00, after making our way up, botanising, fungus foraying and bird watching.

Feel free to meet up at either venue.

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