Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ophiocordyceps ditmarii 04-07-13

Myself and Michael Sykes had a walk through Cragg Vale this morning and we stopped to look and photograph the water wheel, and as we were stood looking we happened to find the best example of a Ophiocordyceps ditmarii so far this year, poking out through a patch of moss. It was 70 mm long, very mature and Michael managed to capture it amazingly


  1. Nice pictures! This is the fungus that targets flies,then,as the Cordyceps militaris targets moth caterpillars ?

  2. Yes, this fungus parasitises flies and wasps, the common name is Yellow Waspclub. It isn't rare but is probably overlooked because it is so small, but this is the seventh one I've found this year, but it is the most mature, at a whopping 70 mm in length. The militaris species only targets pupae of butterflies and moths.