Monday, July 8, 2013

Wade Wood 08-07-13

A comedy foray that Michael Sykes and I will not forget, involving a bossy herd of young heifers and Basil (my dog). I just wish I had taken some video footage as it involved some very funny moments that we will remember forever. That is why we only managed to capture one species of fungi as we were being stalked in particular by a very persistent dominant cow, much to Basils disgust, however he was shielded by the brave and mighty matador Michael and his walking stick . 

Dung Roundhead (Stropharia semiglobata). Cap above, gills below.


  1. You have to be careful of those matadors with sticks !

    1. Well if it wasn't for the mighty matador Steve, Basil may have been toast! A comical, memorable experience :-) Next time Basil is not invited on a foray into Wade Wood!