Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Halifax Scientific Society Foray to Jumble Hole Clough 15-12-12

We went to the Halifax Scientific Society foray to Jumble Hole Clough with Steve Blacksmith. We were hoping to find Violet Coral (Clavaria zollingeri) at the top of the clough, but on that day we were not lucky enough to see it. I don't know why I didn't take more photographs on this particularly day, but we ended up rushing to meet Michael Sykes, one of our very knowledgeable fungi recorders at the top, who had found the Violet Coral in the past, in this particular location. Anyway, we did enjoy a pub lunch in the New Delight, when we finally reached the top.

Velvet Shank (Flammulina velutipes).

Dead Man's Fingers (Xylaria polymorpha).

Scarlet Caterpillar Club (Cordyceps militaris).

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