Thursday, May 16, 2013

Colden Clough and Copley - St. George's Mushroom 16-05-13

Michael and I had a foray at Colden Clough this morning, we did not come across much apart from these immature Xylaria longipes growing on a sycamore branch. However, it was a very pleasant walk and the bluebells were blooming, the waterfalls were very dramatic and we did see a couple of newts in the dam. Then off we went to pick some Calocybe gambosa, and I ended up taking them home and cooking them as part of Oliver's dinner, however he wasn't too keen so I ended up eating most of them, and they were very delicious too, lightly fried in butter. I also checked on the Polyporus squamosus but most of them had been vandalised, however when I pushed away the undergrowth surrounding the stump, there was one left intact that they must have missed.

Dead Moll's Fingers (Xylaria longipes), all above on sycamore. The longest one measured   27 mm.

St. George's Mushroom (Calocybe gambosa).

Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus), cap above with a slug exploring the surface and the underside shown below.

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