Friday, May 10, 2013

Hardcastle Crags 10-05-13

It turned into a wet foray this morning as headed into the Crags. This time I managed to find a mature Pinecone Cap and some Lachnum species on various cones. The last photo I haven't identified yet and but after magnifying them under low magnification, they appear to be a micro-cup fungus. I have slides of the cup and spores which I will examine later and update the blog accordingly.

Dorsal view of Pinecone Cap (Strobilurus tenacellus)

Lateral view.

Gills of Pinecone Cap

Lachnum species on larch cone (Larix).

Lachnum species on a spruce cone (Picea)

These fungi looked like tiny pale brown, cushions that I found on a Larch cone

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