Monday, August 26, 2013

Hardcastle Crags 24-08-13

Oliver and I had another trip Crags and we managed to find the Pholiota flammans beaming brightly from the edge of a fallen dead pinus trunk  It is said to be rare and mainly found in the Scottish Highlands, but after careful examination the spores came up trumps and if I knew then what I know now, I would have taken some better photographs! 

Flaming Scalycap (Pholiota flammans).

Basidia 4 - spored.

Spores 4-4.5 x 2.2.5

Earpick Fungus (Auriscalpium vulgare), above and below - found by Oliver at the start of our foray.

The Blusher (Amanita rubescens), above and below.

Milking Bonnet (Mycena galopus).

Larch Bolete (Suillus grevillei) - above and below.

Oakbug Milkcap (Lactarius quietus).

Tawny Grisette (Amanita fulva) - above and below.

Some very delicate coral fungi that I cannot christen, even under the microscope.


  1. Nice one Alison. It looks fantastic.

  2. At the first glance it appears as A,muscaria till you see the gill colour. James needham records one entry as " Crimsworth Dene" on a stump.

  3. Thank you - it was probably the most beautiful fungus that we have ever seen, it stood out like a beacon under the canopy,absolutely spectacular.