Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crimsworth Dean 21.08.2014

Found on a wet day with Basil whilst walking through the wood. 

Orange Mosscap (Rickenella fibula) above and below.

Beech Jellydisc (Neobulgaria pura) had colonised this old Fagus sylvatica trunk.

Dusky Bolete (Porphyrellus porphyrosporus), a species found mainly in the north of Britain. I've found quite a few records of it in Yorkshire and I did find it last year at Broadhead Clough too.

The base had a bright yellow area that rapidly bruised blue after I had cut it.

 Vinaceous spore print. Spores 13-17 x 5.5-7 microns.

Larch Bolete (Suillus grevillei).

Wrinkled Club (Clavulina rugosa) above and below.

Whitelaced Shank (Megacollybia platyphylla). Attached to a daed fallen Fagus sylvatica branch by long strands of rooting mycelium.

Spores 6-8 x 6-7 microns.

 Bay Bolete (Boletus badius) above and below.

Wrinkled Shield (Pluteus phlebophorus) above and below.

Cap cuticle has rounded cells instead of filamentous ones.

Spores subglobose 6-7.5 - 5-6 microns.

Cheilocystidia are not horned. 

Devil's Bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis).

Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus). Thanks to Chris Brooks who identified it for me.

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