Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club 25th September 2014

Peachysteve and I walked the dogs around the perimeter of the golf course and found these fungi along the way.

Ugly Milkcap (Lactarius turpis) above and two below.

KOH produces a lovely purple reaction when applied to any part of the fungus.

Coconut Milkcap (Lactarius glyciosmus) above and three below.

Acuminate cystidia.

Spores 6-7 x 5-6 microns.

Rufous Milkcap (Lactarius rufus) above and three below.

Milk gets extremely hot after 20-30 seconds. 

Cystidia fusiform.

Spores 8-9 x 6-7 microns.

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) above and below.

Snowy Waxcap (Hygrocybe virginea) above and below.

Earthy Powdercap (Cystoderma amianthinum) above and below.

 Scurfy Deceiver (Laccaria proxima) above and below.

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  1. Great ! The finds start pouring in. Well done Oliver for finding the parisitic one at Park Wood. The only one I can add to that list is Amethyst Deceiver Laccaria amethystina at the Grassy Bottom crocus site at Kebroyd, where they are often numerous, but there was just a single last Sunday, 28th Sept.