Thursday, October 24, 2013

Date Waxcap Hygrocybe spadicea ? (Sorry got the I.d. wrong. It's H. conica, Blackening Waxcap. See comments. SB)

If so it's the second one for Calderdale. This was on a mossy, unfertilised lawn on acid sandy soil in the Saville Park area of Halifax.
I have the specimen. All these pictures are of the one today.

The other I found at Wade Wood Fields on 8th October 1995 on a foray with Roy Watling, Alan Braddock, Bob Taylor and others (a joint Halifax Scientific Society and Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group Foray.)  Said to be a new record for V.C. 63 at the time by Michael Sykes.

Same mushroom below in its blackened state on 30.10.13
confirming H.conica 


  1. OMG! Certainly looks like it. Well found, sir!

  2. Its great to see it again after all these years Steven. It has to be the best find of a very productive year.

  3. Jim Horsfall of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust pointed out that it is H.conica, one that I've only seen in the blackened state. The specimen above has now turned black. See later post.