Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mytholmroyd 07-10-13

I just had a walk up to some unimproved pasture land and back down again before I went to meet Steve at Dodge Royd. The Parrot Waxcap was particularly beautiful and Oliver and all his school friends thought it looked amazing and some of them are now asking to come out with us on a foray one day. 

White Spindles (Clavaria fragilis) - above and below.

Brown Cup (Rutstroemia firma)

Magic Mushroom/Liberty Cap (Psilocybe semilanceata).

Blackening Waxcap (Hygrocybe conica) - above and below.

Meadow Waxcap (Hygrocybe pratensis) - above and two below.

Parrot Waxcap (Hygrocybe psittacina).

Snowy Waxcap (Hygrocybe virginea)

Jellybaby (Leotia lubrica).

White Saddle (Helvella crispa).

White Coral (Clavulina cristata)

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