Friday, November 8, 2013

Broadhead Clough 04-11-13

Chris Yeates and myself went up to the fields above the clough again to see if we could be really lucky and find another Squamanita Paradoxa, but unfortunately we couldn't. Chris found lots of interesting ascomycetes and that he took home to examine and also collected a sample of foam from the stream as he has mastered the art of identifying aquatic foam fungi - sorry folks but I haven't quite reached that level yet! I must say a big thank you to Chris who was happy to share his knowledge and expertise with me.

Chris's beautiful portrait of Ascocoryne cylichnium.

We found this mossy stump of a Holly tree covered in Hygrocybe miniata. 

Vermillion Waxcap (Hygrocybe miniata) above and below.


Cap cuticle filamentous with clamps.

Spores pear shaped 7.5-9 x 4.5-5.5

Lemon Disco (Bisporella citrina).

Jelly Rot (Phlebia tremellosa).

Allantoid (sausage shaped) spores 3.5-4 x 1-1.5. 

Brown Cup (Rutstroemia firma) above and asci and spores below.


  1. I wasn't aware that there were fungi in the foam in streams. Amazing ! Thanks for blogging that.

    Colin Duke once showed us a fungus, small lumps of brown jelly, that grows only on submerged twigs. He produced that for us out of the stream in Broadhead Clough. Your blog reminded me of it.

    On the subject of Colin, he once brought to a meeting a Herald of Winter Hygrophorus hypothejus he picked on Beacon Hill around this time of year. I'll see if I can find the date in my notebooks if you're interested.

  2. It's amazing what Chris can find - he picks up sticks and finds things that you never knew existed!

    Funny, I was just thinking about the Hygrophorus the other day and yes I would very very grateful if you could find some more information on Colin's record, thanks.

  3. I used to find Hygrophorus hypothgus a lot in Suffolk but I've yet to see it in Calderdale. Ali - some fantastic pictures - keep up the good work.Like Steve I had no idea about fungi on stream foam, What a wonderful world!