Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dixie Woods 01-11-13

Peachysteve had noticed a couple of Stropharia caerulea on his walk with Lace and asked Oliver and myself if we would like to see them, which of course we did. The were excellent examples and Oliver loved their slimy caps.

Blue Roundhead (Stropharia caerulea) - above and three below.

Dorsal view of the caps. 

Here you can see the slime almost dripping from the caps.

If you zoom in the gill edges are brown which distinguishes from S. aeruginosa where the gill edges remain white. The gills are also speckled with rust coloured spots and the spores have no germ pore.

Stinking Dapperling (Lepiota cristata). It does have a strong smell but not one I find very unpleasant. I've heard it described as fruity, rubbery, pungent, sweet, fungusy, mild and spicy from various sources of literature.  

We noticed these Slender Clubs (Macrotyphula juncea) on the way back and they would be very easy to miss as they look like the stems from the fallen leaves at first glance.

White Domecap (Lyophyllum connatum). The photo above was taken on the 7th October on a previous visit with Steve and the photo below was taken on the 1st November.

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  1. Great stuff. I've never seen Stropharia caerulea,, the Stinking Dapperling or the Slender Club; and the Lyophyllum only once before, at Barkisland Hall about 10 years ago.