Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Broadhead Clough 04-06-13

It was a lovely sunny day and I spent a couple of enjoyable hours in the clough. There were plenty more Mitrulas that have appeared since my last visit, all varying in maturity and size and I also found quite a few Spring Pins too growing in the boggy parts. 

Spring Pin (Cudoniella clavus var clavus).

Dorsal view.

Spring Pin (Cudoniella clavus).

I shall try and identify this species of fungus when I have time. They were little orange/yellow pins, some had smooth caps and some were quite convoluted, with a stalk.

 Here you can see the stalk

Bog Beacon (Mitrula paludosa), above and below.

A Crocicreas species growing on an oak leaf

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