Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rough Hey Wood 11-06-13

Michael and I had a very pleasant walk through the wood, and managed to find a very interesting Myxomycete, and some Mollisia cinerea on the same dead Betula pendula branch. I took the branch home and took some more pictures later in the day, and the transformation was very dramatic. The final photo of the Reticularia lycoperdon was taken this morning and two beetles were busy mining and excavating it. 

Mollisia cinerea.

Reticularia lycoperdon at 10:14 hrs. 

At 12:35 hrs.

 At 12:55 hrs,

At 19:50 hrs. It looked like a pink piece of bubblegum.

Taken the next morning at 08:28 hrs. What a difference! The blue arrows are pointing to the mining beetles and if you look above the beetle on the right and below the slime, you can see the excavated material.

Photograph taken the following day at 18: 17 hrs, notice the beetle on the right hand side of the slime, still excavating.

Glistening Inkcap (Coprinus micaceus), above and below.

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