Friday, January 10, 2014

Salterhebble 09-01-14

Michael and I had a stroll down the canalside with Basil on a very cloudy, wintery day and we managed to find some dazzling, brightly coloured fungi to liven up the morning.

Scarlet Elfcup (Sarcoscypha austriaca) - Michael's image above. They were dotted about everywhere in the area where we walked.

Yellow Brain (Tremella mesenterica). Like the Elfcups, they were common and so bright they were unmissable.

Hypocrea aureoviridis - above and microscopic view below. I can only find one record for it in VC63.

Asci 16 spored, spores green and verruculose 4-4.5 microns.

Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa)

Lemon Disco (Bisporella citrina).

Amber Jelly (Exidia recisa). 


  1. I'm amazed how modern cameras can pick up such bright colours from the fungi in dull weather. They're almost brighter than the real thing, perhaps because the computer screen is back-lit. I agree, though, the Elf-cups and the Yellow Brain are cheering things to find this time of year.

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