Friday, January 31, 2014

Ogden Water 31-01-14

Michael and I had a pleasant walk around the water this morning to see the Pithya vulgaris again and we were very pleased to see it beaming so brightly on such a cloudy day. We estimated that there must have been well over a thousand individual fruiting bodies on the recycled Christmas trees around the reservoir.

Fir Disco (Pithya vulgaris) - Michael's photograph above and two below. 

My photo above.

Asci 8-spored. Ascospores spherical, hyaline, smooth 10-13.5 microns.


  1. Aren't we the lucky ones having this fungi. As usual good pictures from Michael and yourself.

  2. Yes we are and thanks Bruce for your compliment ;-)

  3. Its quite amazing how this fungi has spread along the side of the path. t needs to be seen to be believed!